We want to partner with you!

We are a team of traders and product specialists who are passionate in developing and constantly upgrading our products.

We would love to partner with you if you think you have what it takes..

Are you a seasoned digital marketer who is experienced in the field of advertising and selling online? If so, we can have the perfect partnership.

We have built an optimized landing page for your audience and an email sequence that has proven to convert over and over again. All you have to do is bring them through the door! You just have to sell and our team will take care of all product delivery and support. 

This is a perfect opportunity if you:

- have a website in the financial niche
- have an email list
- have a youtube channel with a following
- good with paid Ads like: Facebook/Instagram/Google & Youtube etc

Our products are 100% digital, hence we are able to offer generous commissions of up to 25% of our high ticket items. As an affiliate, if someone made a purchase of $240, you will get $60. Considering most affiliates only get a tiny commission of 1-5% of sale, which in most cases is barely enough to pay for ads, this is a huge and rare opportunity.

We have partnered with Yith Woo Commerce for easy tracking and payouts.

Once you're accepted, you can access your affiliate portal on https://alphascalpadvisor.pro/affiliate-dashboard/

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