Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a money back guarantee?

No we don’t offer any money back guarantee due to the nature of the product. You may opt-in for the monthly option if you are not ready to make a full purchase yet.

What kind of broker do I need to use and which account type?

Any broker will do. But preferably one with no swap, high leverage (500:1 or more) and tight spreads.

What exactly is Alpha Scalp Advisor?

The name says it all, it is a scalping EA!  The EA works best during ranging periods as it takes a ranging approach, as opposed to a trend following or a counter trend one.

What signal does it enter on?

It enters immediately with an algorithm to determine if a sell or buy has the higher probability at any given time.

What about its exit signals?

You get to set the initial profit target in points. The EA will apply its own smart exit strategy after that.

Does it have any news filter?

No. With a robust system in place, we are able to withstand volatility which occurs during news.

Can it work across all pairs?

Yes absolutely. Keep in mind that some pairs have higher spreads, which will affect the results. We recommend that you stick with pairs with the lowest spreads.

What timeframe does it operate on?

It is a scalping bot and uses the lower timeframe. It doesn’t matter which timeframe you apply it on, it will automatically adjust to the correct timeframe and perfoms optimally.

How does the magic number work?

It’s a number used to identify the trades that are opened by the EA. You don’t have to change any settings, the EA can work across many pairs despite having the same magic number.

Can I play with the settings and adjust it accordingly?

Yes you can. We recommend to start off conservatively before gradually increasing the risk / lot size.

How crucial are spreads for the EA to work optimally?

It’s a very important aspect. With low spreads, target profits are quicker and easier to achieve.

What kind of pairs perform the best with the EA?

The market ranges most of the time, this is a fact. The EA is programmed to work at its best in range bound markets.

Is this EA guaranteed to win 100%?

Nothing is guaranteed in the forex markets, not even the best hedge funds in the world can beat the market 100% of the time. There is always some risks carried along with forex trading. Please understand the inherent risks and accept it before deciding to trade in the markets.

Is it easy to setup?

Very easy! You’ll get a video walkthrough on how to set up the EA after your purchase.

I don’t know how to use a VPS, can you guys help me out?

Yes we can, please reach out to us. After your purchase, our support team is available to give you detailed instructions on that matter, should you need any assistance.

What’s your recommened lot size or starting capital?

It really varies on your risk tolerance. Trading with a $1,000 capital, with four different pairs at 0.01 lot each is considered to be fairly conservative.

How many licenses does it come with?

You can get a total of TEN (10) licenses, for both live and demo accounts. You don’t have to request them all at once, you can always register your other accounts later, as long as you haven’t reached the limit.

Can I share this EA with a family or friend?

The license will only work for an account registered by the purchaser. So as long as it’s operating under the name and details of the purchaser (same MT4 account), it  will work fine, or else the “invalid license” message will appear and the EA won’t run.

Is the EA available in MT4 only?

Yes, as of now the only available version is in MT4.


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