What Is The Alpha Scalp Advisor Forex EA?

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We’ve been around the block and we love trading as much as you do. We have developed systems that help manual traders from all around the world. Trading and programming are in our blood, and with our team of verified professionals, we are able to create next level and ultra sophisticated EAs.

By using our EAs and systems, forex EA traders have been able to rake in consistent profits from the market, day in and day out. 

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About Our EA

What Is A Forex EA?

Forex algorithms are codes that are programmed in MQL (MetaQuotes Language) to operate in the Metatrader 4 trading platform. EAs are complicated algos used to communicate with live prices from the broker’s feed and to detect certain parameters which we’ve programmed, so to decide when to enter and exit the markets.

It’s best to run EAs in a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that has close to a 100% uptime in order to not interrupt the EA’s workability.

We have created a scalping EA (not a forex hedging EA) that is extremely profitable, due to market demands. The Alpha Scalp Advisor is a final product which took years to develop and test, before releasing it to the public.


smart entries
Smart Execution

Lightning fast speed and executions are keys for a scalping EA. We are taking small chunks of movement out of the market and letting those profits gradually add up. This requires timely execution and a broker with low spreads are highly recommended.

smart grid
Smart Grid

Our forex EA is able to create subsequent positions during periods of dips and rallies. We use our smart grid logic to enter additional positions while measuring the distance from our initial entry. After that, the EA is able determine an exit with a loss or a profit.

smart entry
Smart Entry

As you place the EA on your chart, it will immediately take a position in the market based on probability that the chart is likely going to go up or down. It will enter based on the lot size which you’ve specified. From this point onwards, you simply have to let the EA do the work for you. Everything else will be managed and automatically opened or closed.

smart close taking small losses
Smart Exit

We love taking small losses, as you can see in the diagram below. Our forex EA systems are able to calculate optimal exit points so that our profits still outweigh the losses. EAs that do not take losses at all are betting on that position and risk blowing up the whole account. With calculated and small losses, we are able to win by having a higher win rate probability of more than 50%. 

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