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Dear Trader,

We have crafted the world’s best forex scalping robot and are proud to release it to the public. Our forex scalping EA (MT4 Expert Advisor) is able to adapt and withstand most market conditions and take profits out from the market on a daily basis. 


Before you learn how you can benefit from it all, first, we have a few questions for you..


How are you doing as a trader?


Are you an aspiring trader? Are you new in automated trading in forex? Are you an investor who wants to make good returns from the financial markets?


No matter which category you fall into, we have a solution for you! Trading is a seriously hard business and the sad truth to it all is, only a few of us traders would actually make it, and the rest won’t.

If you still haven’t given up and would like to give trading another shot, keep on reading to understand why most traders fail..

Are you a manual trader?

Why Most Manual Traders Fail

Naturally, humans aren’t programmed to be good traders. We are creative, illogical at times and  emotional. Believe it or not, these are traits that could hurt you as traders. The common pitfalls as a human trader are as follow:

- emotional trading

- trading without risk management

- no exit plans

- inconsistent and undisciplined with our system

- lack ability to focus

- aren’t quick to take profits and we let our losses run


If you’re a trader yourself, we’re sure that you can relate to what we’re saying. How many times have you switched your strategy to look for the perfect system? How many times have you changed your mind and trading plan in the middle of trades? This is because in trading, you are your worst enemy and your mind can work against you.


Why Automation Beats Manual Trading

When it comes to trading, we need a rigid and rule based approach to conquer the markets. Expert Advisors (EA) are trading algorithms build to replace our involvement and simply make the trades for us.


In these three easy steps, you can be on your way to financial freedom.

Expert Advisor Download

After your purchase, you will receive your registered EA in the mail. All it takes is just a few minutes to get things started. Set and forget - use a VPS, install your MT4 and EA and walk away from the charts. 


Just check back periodically to see your results. This is like having your own private ATM working for you.

Make Withdrawals

Be sure to make periodical withdrawals of your profits. Compounding your profits is not always the better choice because there are inherent risks in the market that we can’t avoid, such as sudden economic news releases that may cause panics.


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What's so special about scalping?

The Secret Sauce To This Forex Scalping EA

Have you heard of an expert advisor scalping the markets? There is a demand for scalping EAs thus the Alpha Scalp Advisor is created to fill that void.


Scalping has been a known secret in the industry and it is the practice of taking fast and sure pips out of the market. In and out within a couple of minutes to hours if necessary. 


In fact, some brokers actually banned this practice, if trades only last within a few seconds. This is similar to arbitrage trading, which exploits small discrepancies between brokers’ feed.


Though we are not a high frequency algorithm, we have developed a scalping system to take consistent profits out of the market, with laser focus and quick reaction times.


Our forex scalping robot is equipped with smart entries and exits logic, we are able to find optimal points to participate in the markets. 

forex scalping ea 2
More results.

See How This EA Has Performed - 158.02% In A Month!


Although results like this is achievable, this is an aggressive setting we’ve used to push our EA to the limits. During ranging times, our EAs have proven to beat the markets over and over again, but market conditions change, performance may not be as optimal.

By maximizing our lot size and using high leverage, we are able to get huge ROIs in a short period of time. Note that we don’t recommend maximizing your lot size unless you are aware of the risks and can fully accept it. Remember that slow and steady always wins the race!


EU backtest April 2022
Screenshots of MT4 mobile and Myfxbook

Results like these are typical. Most trades are closed within a day and you can enjoy the daily consistent profits this MT4 expert advisor is able to produce.

myfxbook 1
XM markets myfxbook results
octa fx demo myfxbook 1281


Myfxbook Url 1

Myfxbook Url 2


Easy and simple installation.

Easy 5 Min Setup

input your EA settings
For a more complete setup guide click here.

Here is what it looks like on the default input settings of the EA. For a more thorough walkthrough please read our setup guide.

What our clients say.

Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our traders have to say with their experiences. These are reviews from our real users who have purchased Alpha Scalp Advisor Pro, our best yet scalping expert advisor!

happy customer
testi from client


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We hope that you'll be one of our happy customers and we hope to see you on the inside!



Alpha Scalp Advisor Pro

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